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Help Me Close the Gap! Posted about ago

The First Shall be Last, The Last Shall be FirstDo you ever experience seasons in your life when you are continually confronted by a common theme? When it seems that in multiple areas of your life God is emphasizing the same lesson? For me, this current season has been all about humility. Actually, this should probably be a central theme in every Christian's life. I've been spending a lot of ti...

Ali Fraze & Ramiro Tapia - Bolivia
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Word Made Flesh

Bolivian (Winter!) Greetings Posted about ago

Happy summer to those of you in the northern hemisphere! It's winter here... which means very chilly nights, but beautiful sunny days, barring the random snow storm. We had a crazy blizzard on the 4th of July! The past few months have been very full with interns and short-term volunteers! I'm excited to finally share with you some of the many joys of this season!  2 Interns, Come and GoneMy fi...

Ali Fraze & Ramiro Tapia - Bolivia
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Word Made Flesh

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Ali Fraze & Ramiro Tapia - Bolivia

by Ali Fraze 200 Lives Impacted El Alto, La Paz Department, Bolivia

Hello! Welcome to my staff support page! I have been working full time with Word Made Flesh Bolivia since 2013. WMF Bolivia works to seek abundant ...

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