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As we wrap up an amazing year of making an impact, changing lives and meeting needs we want to go above and beyond. This year we have been able to provide more than 600,000 meals for those in need. And, we want to give hope to many more through our partnership with WTKI in Huntsville, Alabama.

For every $1 you give, we are able to provide 4 meals for orphans around the world.

In 2016 we have selected a few primary projects to impact as we ensure Christmas is a time that these children and their care givers never forget. We are grateful for our partnership with WTKI in order to make this happen!

This Christmas why not give to something that saves lives, shapes the future and truly makes an impact few will ever forget!

This year we want to be able to provide thousands of meals to our Partners in Haiti, Dominican Republic and Pakistan to ensure that kids aren't just getting gifts, but they are receiving life.

Would you generously consider giving $50 to help us feed 5 children for 30 days? You can truly make a life-changing impact in those children's lives for only $50. Every dollar you give provides 4 meals, and every dollar counts! Those meals will ensure they remain healthy, have a bright future and are given hope.

We believe that HOPE is the catalyst for change. HOPE is the breeding ground for miracles. HOPE is the one element that changes lives forever.

This year GIVE HOPE and help WTKI and Food For Orphans impact the world!

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Food for Orphans 0
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Changing Lives One Meal At A Time
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Michael Robison
Franklin, TN

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Ended - January 03, 2017
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15,000 Meals with WTKI

by Michael Robison 500 Lives Impacted

THIS YEAR LET'S GIVE HOPE THAT LASTSAs we wrap up an amazing year of making an impact, changing lives and meeting needs we want to go above and bey...

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