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Please join me and Help One Now Keep Families Together in Ethiopia!

Strong families are the foundation of strong communities. Strong families can prevent poverty orphans. Strong families fight trafficking and abuse. Strong families promote physical, mental, and spiritual health. Strong families boost local economies. Strong families provide HOPE for a better tomorrow.

These local families are on the brink of disruption — not for lack of love, but because they lack resources. Help One Now’s Family Empowerment program, lead and managed by Aschalew Abebe and his team, helps parents increase their capacity not just to provide for their families, but to thrive! Through situation-specific training, as well as the provision of resources ranging from a milking cow or other farm animals to equipment for small entrepreneurial opportunities like beauty salons or family bakeries, these families are taught how to succeed.

My goal is to raise awareness of the outstanding work done by Help One Now’s local leader, Aschalew and to empower these families in Ethiopia. By raising $1,000, we can send 1 family through the 7-step family empowerment program. Just last year, 33 families (primarily led by single mothers) completed the program with a 94% sustainability success rate, and an average increase in income of 591%!

So, would you please join me in keeping families together in Ethiopia by giving any amount… $10, $20, $50, $100!? Any amount makes a difference! Click the DONATE button and let’s spread some good by supporting Help One Now!

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