Together for Orphans


For over 30 years The Children’s Homes have provided loving care, food, clothing, shelter, and education to orphans and vulnerable children in Haiti. These children have been given a better future and new opportunities. The Spirit of Truth Children’s Homes are:

  • The Boy’s Home in Guibert: Caring for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable boys
  • The Girl’s Home in Ferrier: Caring for orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable girls

Currently, The Children’s Homes care for 50 children. These children are being loved, cared for, and educated. You can be a part of providing a better future and new opportunities for these children.

Support for the Together for Orphans initiative will help us continue to provide the best care and education for the children entrusted to our care. Here’s how you can support:

  • $175 a month provides a full sponsorship for 1 child
  • $45 per month provides care, food, and education for 1 child for 1 week
  • $50 provides new shoes and a backpack for school

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