Together for Education


$25 Educates 1 Child for 1 Month

Education is a key element in restoring dignity, creating opportunity, and pushing back against the effects of generational poverty.  Unfortunately, education in Haiti is not free.  As a result, many families must make the difficult choice of not sending their children to school.  50% of children do not attend school in Haiti.  Of the children that are able to attend, 60% abandon school before reaching the 6th Grade.

"Together for Education" is an Educational Development Initiative of Together for Haiti.  Your donation will help provide a quality, Christ-centered education for over 1400 primary school children in Haiti.  In addition, your donation will help support a free, hot-lunch program ensuring that each child receives the necessary nutrition to support their learning.  Because of your support, we are able to keep tuition costs low for the families of these children and provide scholarships to those that need it most.

For just $25 a month, you can help educate one child for one month.  Your monthly gift will give a child the educational opportunity they need for a better life while surrounding them with an environment that points them to True Life in Jesus.

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