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Project Zero

Project Zero

Bentonville, AR, US

Project Zero strives to raise awareness about adoption in Arkansas.

About This Field Partner

Raise Awareness 

Project Zero strives to raise awareness about adoption in Arkansas through many promotional efforts.  We offer many quality products that you will not only enjoy, but will deeply impact a child in need.  Products include customized jewelry, albums, books, t-shirts and more.  We also host numerous fundraising events throughout the year. Thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey!  

Build Relationships

The second goal of Project Zero is to build hope in and relationships with waiting children. Children whose lives have been interrupted and disrupted by foster care and the termination of their parental rights often lose the hope of ever finding a forever family. It is our desire at Project Zero to build friendships with the children in our county/state who are waiting and in doing so, get to know them and their needs better. We want to do this through monthly events in non-threatening settings; events that bring new life experiences as well as fun into the lives of our kids. Some examples of these events are Pamper Day, Salon Day, You Count Money Management seminar, Move It modern dance classes, Baseball games, Dinner and a Movie (learn to prepare recipes for dinner and then enjoy a movie together), skating, etc.

Connect Families

One of the main goals of Project Zero is to connect waiting children with their forever families.  What an exciting thing to be a part of! We create opportunities for waiting children to meet potential families through our Heart Gallery tour dates, meet and greets with waiting families, child specific recruiting, our annual statewide Disney Extravaganza, our annual Heart Gallery gala and other informational events. We are also meeting monthly with our adoption unit and meeting individually as needed with waiting families.

Mission Statement

The goal of Project Zero is to raise awareness about adoption through the state foster care system with the ultimate goal of finding a forever family for every child that is waiting.

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Project Zero

Bentonville, AR, US

Project Zero strives to raise awareness about adoption in Arkansas.

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