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Let's Bring Zane Home!

Let's Bring Zane Home!

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Hello there!

We are Josh, Susan, and Hazel Fowler, or as our friends call us, we're THE FOWLERS! Check out our video:

Campaign For Zane! from Fowler Studios on Vimeo.

I'm Josh, and my wife Susan and I live and work in Hampton VA. We own a small photo and video studio, and we love to spend time together as a family, hang with friends, and help other people who are in need.  

As much as we love to have fun and just live life, we thrive on helping other people. Whether it's small or large, we believe God places needs in front of us so we can act to make other people's lives better. In January 2016, God introduced us to Zane, a young boy living in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. He's 2 1/2 years old and has a congenital birth defect known as esophageal atresia that not only relates to issues with his esophagus, but also his heart. At his young age, he's already survived 4 surgeries, but there are more still to be done. As it currently stands, Zane eats through what is known as a g-tube, which is a small tube that delivers nutrients directly to his stomach. While this measure is working for now, it's no way to live, and will be hard to sustain life long term. We believe God has big plans for Zane and we feel called to be a part of his life-- as his parents. While we know this won't be easy, we believe it isn't even a question of whether or not we will act but how soon. Zane needs this life giving surgery now, and it needs to be done in the US. Can you help us get this little guy over here?

We know this is a big goal, but when we all come together as a community to change a life, it's only a small drop in the bucket. After all, it's just money, and we know we serve a big God who we believe is in control, and who can do great things. Let's do something good-- something bigger than all of us. Let's BRING ZANE HOME!

Ideally, the quicker the better with this medical stuff. The adoption itself is going to cost $32k - $38k, not to mention medical needs after that. Some of these costs have already been paid out of pocket, but more are quickly approaching.

We may raise more than our goal, and if we do, GREAT! We will use the funds for remaining medcial bills, and/or to pass along to other families who are in need of financial resources for their adoption. 

It would mean so much if you could partner with us, our family, and our friends on this endeavor. Every donor will be invited to a party we'll have when Zane arrives, in which we will all celebrate life, love, and generosity.

I can't stress enough the urgency of this situation. 

Come on, you have to help! Let's do it now! Go ahead and click that donate button! ---->>

Thanks so much,

The Fowlers

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This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Funded - January 10, 2017
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Let's Bring Zane Home!

by Josh Fowler 1 Lives Impacted

Hello there! We are Josh, Susan, and Hazel Fowler, or as our friends call us, we're THE FOWLERS! Check out our video: Campaign For Zane! from F...

$17,623 One-time Donations
  • $15,000 One-time Goal
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