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The Keirs Become Seven

The Keirs Become Seven

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Our family is GROWING!!  We are adopting TWO kids from China and would love to share our journey with YOU!

 A little of the back story….

After Jeremiah was born we really felt the Lord calling us to grow a large family.  My body did not agree though, and after seeing several fertility specialists it became obvious that if we feel this call for our future, then He was pointing us to children not birthed by us.  Steve felt called specifically to pour into a child with special needs.  A friend who is currently adopting offered to add us to a group dedicated to finding homes and families for kids in need. 


And then I saw her…..


I fell in love immediately and knew God was calling her to our family.  BUT, we were not “ready” due to having just moved and not even having a couch or carpet yet.  So, I did nothing, except pray for a family to love her.  And then…she was listed again about a month later.  This time I messaged her photo to Steve and shared her information, and he said YES.  She has Down syndrome and we prayed over whether we are able to give her what she needs….the Lord responded with YES.  We connected with her social worker and put in a request to make her our daughter!  We began the process of paperwork and this exciting journey was born.  She is almost exactly the same age as Jeremiah and the boys are thrilled!  

 And THEN…..the REST of the story......

I stayed in the group and noticed another child in need of a family.  If no one adopts him by the time he turns 14 he will never have a family of his own.  He is 13 now, and we are literally in a race against time, as our (and his) deadline is in mid-July (to be in country making it finalized prior to his birthday).  He has hemophilia that is untreated currently so he lives a life of caution and pain.  For days I was preoccupied by dreams and love for him.  Having boys, I cannot imagine the agony of never playing, always fearing injury, always suffering.  I shared my desires with Steve and we prayed over the idea of adopting both children.  Two different ages and needs, even different orphanages and locations.  Again, we prayed and were moved to say YES to providing him love and a future.  The life expectancy for children with hemophilia in China is 24.  We desire to give him a shot at so much more than 24!  


So there you have it, we are now working to bring BOTH children home and live out our commission as Christians to care for the orphans.  WE NEED YOUR HELP.  The beautiful part is that YOU TOO can help save their lives!  The legal fees and logistics involved with adoption are large.  My God is bigger.  I know where He has led He will provide.  

Maybe you are not in a position to bring an orphan home and love them as your own.  But you can affect the LIFE of an orphan by helping us. Whether you partner with us with a few dollars or thousands, we appreciate the support of each and every person.      

A final note…we are on a fast track, as our son will turn 14 in July and we must adopt him before his birthday or he is not eligible for adoption.  As such, time is of the essence.  I am all about transparency and full discretion, so know we need approximately $10,000 in the next couple of weeks just to cover the home study and up front agency fees.  Our total fees will be closer to $45000, but wanted to give a starting point for those wondering.   

Check out the blog for photos and updates along the way!

Thank you for standing with us as we enter into this new journey!

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  • $45,000 One-time Goal
  • $37,381 Still Needed
  • 2 Lives Impacted
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Ended - June 27, 2015
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The Keirs Become Seven

by Deanna Keir 2 Lives Impacted China

Our family is GROWING!!  We are adopting TWO kids from China and would love to share our journey with YOU! A little of the back story….After Jere...

$7,619 One-time Donations
  • $45,000 One-time Goal
  • $37,381 Still Needed
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