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                      Come -- Join the Miracle!!

The motto of The Lion of Judah Academy is:

             “Training Leaders in Knowledge, Wisdom and Godly Character”

Those aren't merely nice sounding is our calling and our mission.

The Lion of Judah Academy is a Christian school in Tanzania, East Africa, providing the highest quality education to the children of Tanzanian pastors, orphans and other underprivileged children. It is a primary and secondary school which combines deeply-held Christian principles with the Tanzania national curriculum, taught in English.

Tanzania is one of the world's poorest countries. A good education could well be a person’s most valuable possession. However, a good education is also very hard to find because the nation ranks near the bottom of the world in almost all education-related statistics. And if you are a Tanzanian pastor, most of whom receive no salary, you probably can’t even afford that! The Lion of Judah Academy offers “hope and a future” (Jeremiah 29:11) to those families and children by providing these students an education which is second to none, at a cost they can afford.

The school currently serves nearly 850 students in Awali (kindergarten) through A-Level Form 6 (advanced level high school). Our students consistently rank in the top 5% of all Tanzanian students on their compulsory national examinations. LOJA is always recognized as one of the top schools in our region, and annually receives awards and honors from the government acknowledging the outstanding quality of education provided.

As proud as we are of the school’s academic achievements, our first goal is to develop men and women of faith, Godly character and commitment:  “Training Leaders in Knowledge, Wisdom and Godly Character.”

We believe our graduates will become key leaders in all areas of Tanzanian life, guiding the nation to a bright future. 

However, we cannot fulfill this mission and calling by ourselves.  We serve those who cannot afford what we are giving them...we need help.  We invite you to come join the miracle!

The Lion of Judah Academy accepts students from all tribal, faith and economic backgrounds. All students, however, are expected to follow Biblical principles of living in their personal lives, and to participate fully in the faith life of the school.

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The Lion of Judah Academy provides an education of the highest quality to the children ...
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                      Come -- Join the Miracle!! The motto of The Lion of Judah Academy is:             “Training Leaders in Knowledge, Wisdom an...

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