Spiritual Development: Together for the Church


Empowered Pastors = Equipped Churches = Bold Faith = Changed Communities

We believe that the best way to impact a community is to invest in local leaders. We believe that local pastors are the best leaders to invest in, who will in turn directly invest in their churches and their communities. Through church planting efforts and annual training conferences, Together for Haiti is directly connected to a network of 10 local churches in Haiti and partners with a larger network of over 50 churches spread throughout the country.

By providing training and resources, our objective is to help empower these pastors and other church leaders to be agents of positive spiritual and social change in their communities.

Support for our Spiritual Development initiative will help us to continue to provide training and resources for pastors and leaders while seeking opportunities to invest in new churches and additional communities.

Here’s how you can support:

  • $25 provides study materials and continuing education resources for 1 pastor
  • $50 provides a 4-day training conference for 1 pastor
  • $400 a month provides staffing, resources and support for 1 local church

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