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As I write to you today I am feeling thankful.

God has used you to impact a nation. Let that sit in for a minute (selah). Your support truly enables me to have the time to pray, mobilize, disciple, and serve India. You are very much a part of every single trip that I go on. I want to make sure you know how thankful I am for your support. I am praying for you. The way the Kingdom works is God watches specifically over those who are Kingdom minded. (Matthew 6:33) He is working on your behalf when you don't even know it. If we could see what are dedication does in the Spiritual, I believe we all would fall to our knees. I'm sharing the number of salvations to you so you can see a small portion of what your support has done. There's so much more. 2988 salvations this year! This is not counting a couple of trips we've done. I am SO thankful for you. I love you. There's so much more coming. 

Forever grateful,

Shelby Borrello's e3 Partners Fundraiser
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Shelby Borrello's e3 Partners Fundraiser

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