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At Fashion & Compassion we wholeheartedly believe that each and every woman we serve is PRICELESS in the eyes of God and deserves individualized love and encouragement.

Our mission is to create empowerment communities that connect vulnerable women to God, one another and resources as they transform their lives
. We do this by providing part-time, transitional employment making jewelry to women in the empowerment communities we run in Charlotte and Atlanta and with partner empowerment communities in 6 other countries.

Each woman who participates in our empowerment communities in Charlotte creates an Artisan Empowerment Plan that establishes their goals and dreams for the future and achievable milestones needed to achieve those goals. The Artisan Empowerment Plan includes work readiness goals that are achieved in the context of the employment opportunity that the jewelry project community provides, though long-term goals may be physical (such as permanent employment or housing), emotional (reconciliation of relationships, trauma healing) or spiritual (growing in their relationship with God). We have found the Artisan Empowerment Plan extremely effective in our work as women take ownership of their Plan and ultimately, their lives, as they move toward a bright future for themselves and their children.

Would you help us expand the use of the Artisan Empowerment Plan beyond Charlotte?

$30 - starts an Empowerment Plan with a new Artisan
$120 - one month of individualized work on the Empowerment Plan with an Artisan
$480 - four months of individualized work on the Empowerment Plan with an Artisan

We love that women earn money making jewelry while they work toward their goals through the Artisan Empowerment Plan. As a result, they learn that they have been created with a PURPOSE and are PRICELESS in the eyes of God.

Thank you for your generous support!

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