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Orphan Prevention Strategy

What's the best way to prevent children from the horror of being orphaned? The answer is simple: Keep Mamas Alive!!!!

Beauty for Ashes Uganda works with 1,183 single mamas and widows across 32 village in rural Uganda. These women are strong, passionate, resilient, beautiful and empowered to make a change in their family and nation. They are, however, single mamas. Which means, when they get sick and pass away - their children are left alone to care for themselves. Other mamas will step up, but it's never quite the same as having your own mama care for you when you're sick, cheer for you when you make a good grade or even discipline you when you mess up! So our solution? An emergency medical fund that helps KEEP MAMAS ALIVE!!!

When you give, you are literally donating to give mamas needed medical attention to keep them alive and thriving. 

Last year, we raised $27,898 in ONE day through She Is Priceless! That means YOU kept hundreds upon hundreds of children from being orphaned. And guess what? We STILL have money in our medical fund this year because of your generous giving last year! That means that this year....WE ARE EXPANDING!!!

Our goal is to raise $14,281 to fund 3 medical check ups for every single mama in our program AND their kiddos. 

Here's how it will work:

3x per year (during school holidays), a team of 25 Ugandan doctors, nurses, lab techs and health educators will visit our villages. They'll check every mama and child, so some health education and distribute de-wormers and other needed meds. They'll also have 3,000 lab kits waiting to test our mamas and kids as they see needs.

*bonus! We will be able to utilize all of the kiddos in vocational and university who are studying medicine because of YOUR donations! Now they get to serve their own communities!

By adding routine medical care, we will find issues earlier and be able to get mamas better care. This means no more losing mamas to things that could have been prevented if only they had gotten an earlier diagnosis!

Together, let's keep all our sweet mamas alive and cheering on their kiddos this year - as only a mama can because She Is Priceless

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