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Empowered Women, Empower Women

Clarice lived in a shack at the bottom of the world’s largest slum for more than 30 years. She raised her family in very difficult circumstances and constantly did whatever she could to guarantee their survival. When one of her family members, a 12 year old,  became pregnant, she was devastated. How would she feed another mouth on their meager assistance?

How would this endless cycle of oppression and poverty end?

Our maternity homes in Kenya rescued that broken little girl and helped her become a mother more than 3 years ago and today she is thriving. And sweet Clarice who thought she would spend the rest of her life surviving, is now sitting at a loom 5 days a week in our Miujiza (miracle) artisan group. We have watched God take an impossible situation and do the miraculous. She represents countless women around the globe today.

Mercy House Global rescues pregnant teenage girls.  We love on them and their babies for 2 years and then release them to change their world.  Often we come alongside the mother of these teenagers and help them also (This was the case with Lillian, Emmanuel, and Clarice).  In addition we help 61 nonprofits in 31 countries sell their artisan made products so that they can keep helping women in need.

                      Rescue A Girl - Empower A Family - Redeem A Generation


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