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She is Priceless : Apparent Project

She is Priceless : Apparent Project

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti
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At the tender age of 17, Vesline became a brand-new mother, and an orphan. Her father had died in the major earthquake that hit Haiti the year prior, leaving her mother and brother as the remaining family when she delivered her son while living in a mud crusted tent. The second wave of deaths to hit Haiti after the quake was cholera, and Vesline’s mother contracted the deadly and fast acting virus, dying within one day. Her brother contracted cholera and died as well, leaving Vesline all alone.

Her only source of support was her work with Apparent Project where she made jewelry that would be sent all over the United States to sell in party boxes. An extra room at the artisan house was set up for her and her boy to provide them a space of safety and reprieve from the insecurity and vulnerability of living in a tent as a grieving new mom.

Those early days of sales gave her a renewed sense of hope and promise to be able to care for her sweet child and provide for him. Over the years, they have grown, and the dignity of work has provided well for Vesline. She has transitioned from jewelry maker to nanny in our Childcare, and loves on infants and toddlers while their parents make jewelry to provide for their families. Her son is in school, receiving an education that will give him a chance to rise out of poverty through the dignity of work.

From the beginning, the heartbeat of Apparent Project has been orphan prevention and keeping families together. We could not prevent Vesline from becoming an orphan, but we can provide a way for her to keep her son and prevent him from becoming an orphan due to poverty. The transformation is visible on her face, her smile is infectious and radiant.

This year, for She is Priceless, funds raised will be dedicated to the Apparent Project School. At the school we have Childcare for infants and toddlers, Preschool, Kindergarten, and will be adding First Grade in the fall. Together we ensure the childcare and school provides high quality care and education for young ones, becoming the bridge for this growing generation to rise out of poverty. Families like Vesline and her son have comfort and confidence knowing they are loved, cherished, valued, and have a safe and nurturing place to grow and develop.

THANK YOU – for partnering with us to build and grow a school that we are proud to invite children to attend and have their parents trust us to educate them well. Your partnership means the world to us, and these families.

~ Apparent Project empowers Haitians through sales, childcare, early education, and job skills training ~

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  • 500 Lives Impacted
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Apparent Project creates opportunities for impoverished parents to become economically ...
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Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

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Ended - May 31, 2018
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She is Priceless : Apparent Project

by Apparent Project 500 Lives Impacted Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department...

Vesline:: At the tender age of 17, Vesline became a brand-new mother, and an orphan. Her father had died in the major earthquake that hit Hait...

$2,189 One-time Donations
  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $7,811 Still Needed
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