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Commissioned to proclaim the gospel to the nations, this team will minister in a region of the world where oftentimes the name of Jesus has never been heard.

As Jesus Christ's messengers, ambassadors, witnesses ... we will come alongside men and women who have banded together (called coalitions) for the express purpose of bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to their nearby villages ... villages that have little or no gospel witness ... in order to begin thriving, Christ worshipping, bible study fellowships called churches.

For the last six (6) years, our partnership with this network of church planting coalitions has yielded results (over 100,000 newly planted churches) that only God in His majesty, power, and extended favor could possibly accomplish!!!

Our team will be formed and trained over a 4 - 5 month period using what is known as T4T/Four Fields of Kingdom Growth methodology.  Our expedition team (often called Luke 10 teams) will be trained, both here in US and in the Mid-South Region, to look to the Holy Spirit’s leading as we enter empty fields through prayer, houses of peace, and persons of peace; we evangelize sowing fields using our personal testimonies, God's Story (Creation to Christ), and e-folds; we disciple new believers amongst growing fields conducting 3/3rd's bible study fellowships … fully expecting God’s harvest fields to produce abundant lasting fruit - church's established at multiplicative rates unimaginable.

Leaders on this team will be Les Smith and Mary Wagner, full-time church planting staff through e3 Partners Ministry


1) The country that the Mid-South Region represents should never be linked to information about the Mid-South Region (MSR).

2) ADDITIONALLY, we ask that the information contained herein not be posted on any social media site by anyone connected to this expedition team.

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  • $3,880 One-time Goal
  • $429 Still Needed
  • 100 Lives Impacted
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e3 Partners 130M
Plano, TX, US
e3 Partners equips Christians with the training and tools they need to make a lasting i...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Scotty Dolence
McMinnville, OR

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Ended - January 17, 2019
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Scotty Dolence's fundraiser for TBA, Mid-South Regio...

by Scotty Dolence 100 Lives Impacted

Commissioned to proclaim the gospel to the nations, this team will minister in a region of the world where oftentimes the name of Jesus has never...

$3,451 One-time Donations
  • $3,880 One-time Goal
  • $429 Still Needed
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