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The Need

This month, Ethiopia signed a peace agreement with Eritrea, formally ending a state of war that started in 1998. An estimated 70,000 died in the conflict. Many others lost their legs, arms, or hands. Without a simple prosthesis, this loss can be devastating to an individual and their families. A father without an arm might not be able to find work, making his whole family suffer. A child without a leg cannot walk to school, hindering their chance to contribute to the future of their community.

This is our opportunity to change lives and help build peace in Ethiopia.

Who We Are

We are Orthotic and Prosthetic (OP) and Occupational Therapy (OT) students of Loma Linda University. We are going to Ethiopia and invite you to help fund our work. The OP Outreach and Service Learning Program is embarking on a service-learning trip to serve patients in war-torn areas. We are assisting veterans and children who may have lost a limb during the war, as well as children with developmental disabilities who have limited access to therapy services.

Trip Projects

We have planned several projects for the two weeks we are there.

  •   Local Practitioner Training. The main focus of service learning is to train local practitioners to better serve their communities while giving student opportunities in a different environment, to practice skills learned. By offering our knowledge and expertise, we can advance the OP and OT fields within this region. Though we are treating individual patients, by cross-sharing knowledge and expertise with local clinicians, we expand the capacity to impact these professions into the future. 

  •   Design and build prostheses. We’re adapting a new low-cost technique to build custom-fitted prosthetic legs using locally available materials. In everything we do, we want Ethiopian practitioners to be able to replicate and continue the work we have set in motion.
  •   3D-Printed Hands. Many Ethiopians won’t use a prosthetic hook because of its appearance. To combat this stigma, students in our service learning class have modified existing 3D printable hand designs for more function and life-like look.
  •   Prosthetic limb training. Occupational Therapy students and faculty will work together with Ethiopian practitioners and OP students to provide physical training for persons who are receiving prosthetic devices. This will help them to be prepared to use the devices in meaningful and every day activities.
  •   Services for children with developmental disabilities. OT students will also work in partnership with Ethiopian professionals who serve children with developmental disabilities. In this capacity, we’ve been requested to provide training addressing sensory based and psychosocial difficulties. The aim of this training is to promote the ability of children with special needs to participate in their communities and to engage in activities which nurture their self-esteem.


Funding Campaign

Help us broaden our impact. Between students contributing for their flights and other sources of funding we have already raised 40% of the funds needed for this mission. This PureCharity campaign covers the remaining $50,000 needed for logistics - hotel, food, driver and van, in country flights for the whole group, and the guide who makes all the arrangements including creating the work opportunities with local Ethiopian partners. Any extra funds raised will be forwarded to future service opportunities organized through the OP Outreach and Service Learning Program.

Bring Healing to Ethiopia

The end of the Ethiopian-Eritrean war opens a new chapter for the region. Help us heal the wounds of war, make man whole and advance the fields of orthotics and prosthetics and occupational therapy in a place with high need. Your support will multiply our efforts to restore individuals and strengthen communities. We invite you to build peace through service to patients. We want to be part of the solution by serving and inspiring others in Ethiopia and here at home. 

Inspiring Students for Future Global Service

The students benefit from the opportunity to taste what service is like in Developing Nations and to inspire them, once qualified, to serve  through our sister institutions around the world and other non-profit organization helping to meet the huge global need for rehabilitation.

Your tax deductible donation will provide the resources we need to serve more people. Thank you for your support.

Check back often for updates about our fundraising campaign and our trip. Share this page to show your support for LLU students uniting with the leaders of peace in Ethiopia. 

Follow along on Instagram and Twitter as we as we progress:

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  • 3,000 Lives Impacted
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Ended - November 01, 2018
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Help Students Empower OT/Prosthetics in Ethiopia

by LLU-SIMS OC 3K Lives Impacted Ethiopia

The Need This month, Ethiopia signed a peace agreement with Eritrea, formally ending a state of war that started in 1998. An estimated 70,000 ...

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  • $50,000 One-time Goal
  • $28,518 Still Needed
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