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Where Tradition and Modern Meet

Translated “the place with a sacred rock,” the city of Huancayo is the capital of Peru’s Junin region in the country’s central highlands.  It is Peru’s fifth most populous city with 350,000 residents and functions as the cultural intersection for the central Peruvian mountains.

The region was originally settled by the Huancan people who were subdued and governed by a variety of empires through the centuries.  The people finally gained freedom in November 1820 during Peru’s war for independence. Today, Huancayo’s colonial structures are overcrowded by a modern skyline that continues to grow.  

What We’re Doing

Huancayo is a critical city to Peru’s cultural development in the region.  If you reach Huancayo, you can reach the entire central Andes mountains.  Its societal importance cannot be overstated.

On this expedition, we will follow up with new churches that were established in May 2014.  You will have the opportunity to meet new believers who are taking their first steps as followers of Christ.  We will partner with them to establish second generation churches in the community and invite new people into a relationship with Jesus.  

God is doing incredible things in Huancayo.  The story has just begun and you can be a part of it.  In just one week, you can spread the Gospel, encourage new believers, and establish new churches in an otherwise unreached community.

Are you ready for the adventure to begin?

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Huancayo, Peru
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Huancayo, Junin, Peru

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Funded - May 01, 2015
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Robert Christopher Godfrey's fundraiser for Huancayo...

by Robert Christopher Godfrey 100 Lives Impacted Huancayo, Junin, Peru

Where Tradition and Modern MeetTranslated “the place with a sacred rock,” the city of Huancayo is the capital of Peru’s Junin region in the country...

$2,600 One-time Donations
  • $2,600 One-time Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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