She Is Priceless: Restored and now business owners

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For over 10 years, Eternal Threads has worked with a partner organization in Nepal who has restored 1000's of girls from traffickers. These girls and young women receive the care and support they need at safe houses and vocational training centers to build a new life filled with purpose and hope. We have enjoyed raising funds in the past for them to have sewing machines for start-up businesses when they return to their villages, but we'd like to go one step further.  

When the girls have completed several months of vocational training, they return to their village in a team of three so they can start their business together. They have each other for support and a much greater chance of success as a team. It costs $500 per girl or $1500 for the one-time start up cost of establishing the three of them in a business. 

We hope you will help us fund three of these teams in an effort that we know will have far reaching effects into the lives others. The businesses they do include: sewing/tailoring, beauty salons/barber shops, marts & groceries, cafes and food carts. The girls also form savings groups in their villages to help other young women start businesses, and share in fellowships to encourage one another. Thank you for your supporting these amazing girls. (We protect their faces in online photographs.)

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