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Kevin Beck (PIONEER61) 0
Kevin Beck (PIONEER61)
Duncanville, AL
Amplio Recruiting 0
Amplio Recruiting
Decatur, GA
Lise Donnelly 0
Lise Donnelly
Lithonia, GA
Kim M. Nolte 0
Kim M. Nolte
Atlanta,, GA
Suhad Nassar 0
Suhad Nassar
Decatur, GA
Sheila dolinger 0
Sheila dolinger
Atlanta, GA
Peter Dye 0
Peter Dye
Atlanta, GA
Tuong Vi Pham 0
Tuong Vi Pham
Atlanta, GA
Freyzewd Teklu 0
Freyzewd Teklu
Stone Mountain, GA
Scott and Amy Barrett 0
Scott and Amy Barrett
Peachtree Corners, GA
Michael Springfield 0
Michael Springfield
Franklin, NC
Amelie L Ratliff 0
Amelie L Ratliff
Jamaica Plain, MA
Purchase with a Purpose 0
Purchase with a Purpose
Tuscaloosa, AL
Sushma Barakoti 0
Sushma Barakoti
Amy Churchill 0
Amy Churchill
Alpharetta, GA
Peach Davis 0
Peach Davis
Clarkston, GA
LaMar and Dixie Griffin 0
LaMar and Dixie Griffin
Watkinsville, GA
Andrew and Lydia mays 0
Andrew and Lydia mays
atlanta, GA

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  • Amelie L Ratliff
  • Scott and Amy Barrett
  • Freyzewd Teklu
  • Tuong Vi Pham
  • Peter Dye
  • Suhad Nassar
  • Kim M. Nolte
  • Amplio Recruiting
  • Kevin Beck (PIONEER61)

Field Partner

Refuge Coffee Co 0
Clarkston, GA, US
We dream of a transformed Clarkston, where resettled refugees thrive and become contrib...
All donations go directly to Refuge Coffee Co as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Refuge Coffee Co
Clarkston, GA, US

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Georgia, United States

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3696 Days to go
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Refuge Coffee Co.'s One Time Donations

by Refuge Coffee Co 100 Lives Impacted Georgia, United States

Thank you for your donation to Refuge Coffee Co.! With your gift, you are helping to fund our mission to: * Provide living-wage jobs, job training,...

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