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We are the Redfern Family.  We have 9 children between the ages of 8-30 years old.  Our oldest daughter is married and pregnant with our second grand baby due the end of July. Our oldest son is finishing his masters and getting married in September.   Our next oldest son lives in a neighboring town where he works.   Our two oldest girls at home graduated in May.

We are in process to bring home a sibling group from Eastern Europe.  A boy and a girl.  Both kiddos have a special need that allow us to bring them home. We can not give out anymore information as this country only does blind referrals until your first travel date.  This means the children we hope to adopt are not on hold for us until our first trip.  If they are not available then we will be shown other referrals of children matching our homestudy.  Our prayer though is that this sibling group will be available for us.  We are excited to be adding to our family.   The cost of this adoption will be approximately $37,000 for both children.   This is why we have set a goal of $18,500.  We have paid $10,000 of the cost so far and will be able to save another $8500 towards it.  It’s hard to have garage sales, bake sales and such with a virus around.  We will be applying for grants as soon as our homestudy is complete.  If you can donate we would be forever grateful.  If you can not, that is absolutely fine too!  We know times are tough right now.  

We would love prayer requests for the following issues if you feel led. 1) That this sibling group will be available as we love them already and they could be kept in the same orphanage until we can travel.   This will save quite a bit of money.  That they are safe, loved, fed until we can come and their hearts prepared to love a new family.   2) That this country would waive the 30 day waiting period, allowing me to make 2 trips instead of three.  The area they in which they live has never waived it but other areas have.  I believe it will for sure not happen if we don’t ask God.  So I am asking him.  3) That He will prepare the hearts of the siblings at home.  They are very excited.  And that Torey and I would have wisdom to raise all our children to have a personal relationship with Christ and to love Him with their whole hearts.  4) That He would provide as He sees fit.

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  • $18,500 One-time Goal
  • $17,875 Still Needed
  • 1 Lives Impacted

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Redfern Family Adoption

by Jenne Redfern 1 Lives Impacted

We are the Redfern Family.  We have 9 children between the ages of 8-30 years old.  Our oldest daughter is married and pregnant with our second gra...

$625 One-time Donations
  • $18,500 One-time Goal
  • $17,875 Still Needed
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