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Justin Royse 0
Justin Royse
Claremont, CA
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Kimberly McBride
Durham, NC
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Cherie Ghelani
Tulsa, OK
David Mosher 0
David Mosher
Palmdale, CA
 Maribel 0
La Crosse, WI
Megan Stewart 0
Megan Stewart
Durham, NC
Christopher Brown 0
Christopher Brown
Pittsburgh, PA
Roger Bird 0
Roger Bird
Allegan, MI
Grace Fulton 0
Grace Fulton
Durham, NC
Sharron Cochran 0
Sharron Cochran
Monsom, MA

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The Happy NPO 0
Vega Alta, PR, US
We offer simple ways for those who are moved by the pain of others to respond with stra...
All donations go directly to The Happy NPO as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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The Happy NPO
Vega Alta, PR, US

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Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico Earthquake Relief Funds

by The Happy NPO 500 Lives Impacted Puerto Rico

UPDATE: February 6, 2020 The past few weeks we have been full on active on the ground! More than 1,000 families were impacted by the backpacks. Pro...

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