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P R I C E L E S S   C U B E :

prevent slavery before it happens

E3's Priceless Initiative equips churches around the world to prevent human trafficking.  With your help we can take this strategy to those parts of the world where children are most at risk.  The Priceless Cube is a tool we developed that emphasizes the key elements to understanding Human Trafficking and how to prevent it.  We desire to train churches to use the Priceless Cube in homes and on street corners around the world, taking this message and the Good News of Jesus Christ to every tribe, tongue and nation.  

Your donations will help send churches into the heart of where this evil thrives. We will educate those who are at risk, we will draw them out of their desperation, and we will bring them the hope of Jesus. Join us in this fight!

An idea of the impact you could make:


$8 = ​​1 Cube 

$144 = ​24 Cubes

$384 = ​96 Cubes


$100 = Can translate the Priceless Cube into a new language

$250 = Can develop new training videos in new languages.

In addition, every dollar you invest in Priceless will help us equip more churches and partnering organizations to prevent trafficking in the least reached places of the world.  This is a giant task and we need your help!

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Priceless Fund

by e3 Partners 100 Lives Impacted

P R I C E L E S S   C U B E :prevent slavery before it happensE3's Priceless Initiative equips churches around the world to prevent human trafficki...

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