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Plywood Presents Micro-Loan Ten Dollar Tribe

Plywood Presents Micro-Loan Ten Dollar Tribe

Organized by Help One Now and 2 members

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The Summary

The #TenDollarTribe – Microloans is a unique way to serve communities by supporting indigenous business development. As entrepreneurs build the local economy, parents will have more opportunity to work and provide for their families. The pressures of extreme poverty, especially as they manifest in ways like child abandonment, will lower. This will keep families together!

An incredible chain of events, set into motion by a simple, $10 monthly gift.

Doing good really is this simple.

The Full Story

The #TenDollarTribe – Microloans is a new initiative from Help One Now in which people give a simple, $10 monthly gift each month towards a new microloan in Haiti. As more people join the Tribe, the monthly pool will compound to support loans that will typically range from $300-$1000 and will initiate indigenous business development all over Haiti.

From providing the means to open a local store, the ability to purchase livestock for an egg, dairy, or wool business, or even seeds to start a farm and open a produce stand, the #TenDollarTribe – Microloans will focus on local entrepreneurs that want to increase the economy in their neighborhood and community. These individuals and families will be carefully vetted by our local leaders with emphasis on sustainability, profitability, and community impact.

Click here to read the story of Richard Cadet, the recipient of Help One Now’s very first microloan!

Increasing the economy in these communities is about more than just money. Many families in the developing world break apart as parents can not afford to feed all of their children. However, as more hardworking parents are able to build sustainable businesses that create jobs for both themselves and others, there will be less pressure on these families. Microloans, through the businesses they develop, truly can help keep families together in these vulnerable places.

Join the #TenDollarTribe-Microloans today and see how your simple, $10 monthly gift can change individuals, families, and communities by supporting local innovation and entrepreneurship.

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Plywood Presents Micro...

Organized by Help One Now

The SummaryThe #TenDollarTribe – Microloans is a unique way to serve communities by supporting indigenous business development. As entrepreneurs bu...

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