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Philippines Effort - MI

Philippines Effort - MI

Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
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Hello friends and ministry Partners,

I wanted to give you an update on the response of Mission Imprint concerning the Philippines and the recent Typhoon. Check out the article“Worst than Hell” from The Economist column for a small glimpse of the storms impact.

As you know the Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines earlier this month and has devastated the lives of many people. The state of their plight is grave at best. Thousands have lost their lives and hundreds of thousands have lost their homes.

Mission Imprint’s mission is to provide the hope of Jesus Christ in these types of times and to do it in ways that are lasting, relational, and that have eternal impact. There is obviously more need in the Philippines than we can provide for, but what we wish we could do for all we will do for some.

I have an on the ground connection to the Philippines by way of my cousin, Timothy Warden. He has been in the Philippines for over 20 years as a missionary and has many networks in which to best access and find those in need of the basics of water, food, and shelter needs. Through research and prayer, Mission Imprint is going to provide hope in these areas, as we are able.

 Providing clean water.

A partner of Mission Imprint is an organization called Waters of Marah. They are in the business of sharing the Gospel by providing water filtration systems to villages all around the world. One of their water filtration systems is the size of a large suitcase and has the potential to give 100 people clean and filtered water every day. I already have one of the systems and am in needed of purchasing 2 more. The total cost of one of these portable water filtration systems with extra filters is $2,000. Two more of these systems would come to $4,000. This would not include the transportation costs of checking them on the plane. I am figuring around $200 for each system. So, roughly around $4,600 would allow the purchase of 2 additional systems and pay for all 3 systems to be transported to the Philippines. These unit fall in line with Mission Imprints mission to make a long lasting impact. Clean water will be available for hundreds of people for years to come. My dream is that 25-water filtration systems could be shipped over in the near future, but 3 is a good start. Water in the Philippines at this point is a prized commodity that has people standing in the balance between life and death.

 Purchasing food.

Food is scarce at this point. I would like to raise $20,000 and send it immediately to my cousin in the Philippines to help feed the children in the most devastated areas. Children are starving and we have the opportunity to help.

Re-building / purchasing shelters.

Homes of over 650,000 people have been destroyed. There is a possibility to be able to help build back some of these homes for people, but its going to take a lot of muscle, time, and money. We can purchase materials in the Philippines to rebuild some of these homes. I have a contact in State College, PA. to help more with this side of mission. Costs for new materials to impact 10 families would roughly cost around $15,000. This would be a good start to making an impact and provide hope in the midst of the devastation. Semi-permanent shelters (tarpaulin tents) are also needed at this point. They run anywhere from $200.00 to $1,500 depending on how nice and big they are.

My goal is to raise enough support to buy and ship 3 Portable Water Filtration Systems, provide healthy food for children, and to provide housing repairs and reconstruction to 10 families. This amount comes to $39,600. In addition to this I am raising support to pay for my trip and my ministry partners trip (Oakes Fletcher) to the Philippines in early January. Our personal costs would amount to $3,240 each ($6,480). This would include our travel, lodging, and food. Your help is needed. Would you help us accomplish this goal?  

Mission Imprint is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity and all of your donations are tax deductible.  I am grateful for your time and covet your prayers for the people of the Philippines and this mission. If you do decide to help, please send me any email to let me know that you have decided to join us in this effort, also so that you can ask any additional question that you may have and that I can thank you.

For the future I am praying for the funds to send the remaining 22 portable Water Filtration systems to the Philippines, if you are interested in this project let me know. If you want to go with me on any of these trips to the Philippines the cost will be roughly the same as my costs above for a week trip. And you are always more than welcome to join us.

 Jeremiah Kingshipp

Missionary / Pastor

Mission Imprint


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Jeremiah Kingshipp
State College, Pennsylvania, United States

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Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines

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Ended - December 31, 2013
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Philippines Effort - MI

by Jeremiah Kingshipp 1K Lives Impacted Cebu City, Central Visayas, Phil...

Hello friends and ministry Partners,I wanted to give you an update on the response of Mission Imprint concerning the Philippines and the recent Typ...

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  • $46,080 One-time Goal
  • $42,705 Still Needed
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