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Safely home from the Oncologist (May 22, 2020) Posted about ago

We had a good oncology meeting yesterday. But "good" is loosely defined.

Our chief oncologist told us again - with great clarity - that  Debbie's situation is very serious.  But he pointedly encouraged me (Patrick) not to live with Debbie's situation as an albatross or burden around my neck, as I have been.  His framework is to live as 'normally' as possible -- in spite of her many lesions.

It was a reminder to not allow the cancer to lord over me.  He is a Brazilian with a Latin flare, and we like him a lot. But I wonder if these were the words of God which I needed to hear.    It was as if he said:  "I have more bad new but be encouraged".  Only in South America, I think!  Or - perhaps only in the presence of our Most High!

The good doctor even encouraged me to take ministry trips in the future - once the corona ban is lifted, as a healthy expression of life.

The Lord is strong and we rest in the Lord!

Thank you for standing with us, wherever our traveling hearts take us -->  around the globe or to  monthly  visits at the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. 

Steer on over to Debbie's cancer blog is:

Let me know if to add you to Debbie's follow list.

From the feet of Jesus,

Patrick & Debbie

Patrick and Debbie O’Connor

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Patrick + Shalyn O'Connor (E3 Partners)
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