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Safely Home now from Honduras (February, 2020) Posted about ago

The highlight of this 11 day trip within Honduras was to be in the western mountain town Copan Ruinas. You may recall that when Debbie and I and the girls lived in Honduras we had spent four years in this specific town. At the time there were zero churches in the Chortí Indian mountain communities. Our hearts longed for success for new churches in the Chortí communities. But that was not realized while we lived there.

The Lord did give success for a new Baptist Church in Copan Ruinas (year 2000) and also for daughter churches and granddaughter churches for that church, while we were there. But now - after roughly 20 years - there has been great great success within the mountain communities accomplished by the Lord and
through in-country pastors. We are really humbled by God's grace and it fills us with glee for His great light in those mountain communities, surrounding Copan Ruinas.

As a side note, back in 1999 there were only six Evangelical churches in that small town when we lived there. Now there are 33 Evangelical churches in that town and we are told that every Chortí Village has an Evangelical Church within it. I visited two of them last week. We thank the Lord.

Last week, I also spent three days in the Moskito Coast. I think now we are too old to move there. But that certainly would have been our dream to do that years ago. Time in Puerto Lempira of the eastern seaboard of Honduras allow me to visit and encourage new missionaries who just moved there.

Too, while in Honduras I also did a partial circuit trip to other areas - - calling on and visiting Honduran leaders. In God's grace, they are working strong in the Lord and the power of His might, for which we thank the Lord.

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