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Safely Home now from Africa (January 2020) Posted about ago

From time in Uganda (December, 2019), I returned home safely from a 2.5 week trip. I ministered with a co-laborer from the jungle of NE Peru, and we ministered with three agencies, training for new churches.

It was good to train others, yet it was also a good chance for me to process many thoughts from a tumultous fall — many griefs!  Yet, our Lord is the Lord of grief to whom we entrust our hghs and our lows!

In Uganda we were told that MANY new churches have been started and many more are starting. Church leaders there now prefer not to use the term “house church’ but instead ‘beginner churches’ or ‘baby churches’ (which happen to start off in homes).

God is strong!  And so we say thank you for being on the journey with us!

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Love you!

Patrick and Debbie

Oh,  my interesting video: "Patrick in Kampala. 2019
Dec 7. (45 second video)" on YouTube: 

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