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Safely home from Peru (February, 2019) — A very good ministry trip! Posted about ago


Well, a highlight of our seven city 17 day trip was to be in very river communities with in-area leaders. Layer upon layer relationships allowed us to ‘go deep’ and deeper with a number of key pastors and in-country leaders.      Watch "Río Huallaga Community Feb 2019. 25 second video. Patrick and Debbie" on YouTube


But it was hot!  We both kept ourselves hydrated, yet the 24 hour/day heat was daunting.   Our co-workers (with whom we were facilitating various workshops) met us in respective towns and were co-trainers with us. This was by design but it was especially good as it ‘groomed’ them for their role.




~ Time at the Lima, Peru at the South America Mission Guest house on the front and back end of the trip allowed us to shift gears for our comings and goings. We met several in-country USA missionaries, some of whom went to Moody Bible Institute (our alma mater).


~ Time in Tarapoto town on Río Huallaga with Jhon Linares and others to “spur them on for love and good deeds”.  Also, to plan and pray about a follow-up ministry in various areas.  Jhon was with me Africa in December, 2018 and India (2015).


~ Time in Yurimaquas town (also on the Río Huallaga) to have slow time with Pastor Willington and Pastor Ludwer (and their respective church members), but to also challenge them for on-going outreach.


~ Time in “Santo Auturo” river community (also on the Río Huallaga) to visit with a church there to train and inspire them for God’s important go go go purposes for all of us. Pastor Ludwer of Yurimaquas accompanied us for what he called this ‘mini-missions” up-river trip but later told us that it had been his first time up-river, due to fear fear fear of the river, the water and small boats!  


~ Time in Lamas town with one leader’s wife for slow eyeball to eyeball interaction on a wide range of personal issues.


~ Time in Iquitos town on the Amazon for a two day workshop, which I (Patrick) co-led with area leader Michael Muñoz. Debbie also had extended time with the ladies.


~ Time in river community “San Pablo” (seven hours down river on the Amazon) for three nights where Patrick co-trained with Debbie and Michael Muñoz for a two day workshop.


~ Time in Arequipa city in the Andes for our final three day leg of this trip with two church plants. Patrick had high altitude laryngitis, but that proved to be a blessing!

We ponder often, “does our coming along side in-country leaders on their turf, in their language for their ministry in God’s design?” really effect change for His purposes?    Deb and I hope so and so we extend ourselves for this hope.  Life proceeds quickly and it seems “only yesterday” that we were younger and stronger with more go go go energy.  We used to live in Latin America and yet now  -- in a good sort of way – our USA home base allows for various ‘global mentor coaching” ops around the globe.


(   ) Please pray with us to use our energies for His purposes.


(   ) Please pray with us that His glory and His will would be revealed through us and through those with whom we minister.


Bless you!      Watch "Río Huallaga Community Feb 2019. 25 second video. Patrick and Debbie" on YouTube


       Patrick and Debbie


Patrick and Debbie O’Connor,

Training and mentoring for Church Planting     



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