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Safely home from western Honduras (May 21, 2018) Posted about ago

                    — Safely home from western Honduras (May 21, 2018) — 

My 14 day Honduras ministry trip this month has been a re-charge for me!  

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Watch "Patrick O'C -- Copan Ruinas town // Western Honduras. 43 second video. (2018 May 14)." on YouTube

When I departed for Honduras on May 9th, I had been a bit ‘pooped’ from back to back trips to the Andes (February), to the jungle (April) and elsewhere (January and March).

In western Honduras, I traveled with my very good friend and colleague Jhon Linares to seven locations in the mountains to follow-up God’s new churches, but to also train and mentor for healthy churches.    This was the area Deb and I (with Victor Almendarez and others) pioneered 1997f.

Our e3 Partners home office asked me how the trip to Honduras went, and my input to them was:


1. What did you set out to do? - To train leaders in 5 regions representing many churches.
2. What could we have done differently? - Nothing :-)
3. What did we learn? - Follow-up and Mentoring is very important .
4. Follow-up Plans? - Ongoing follow-up and Mentoring in that it is very important.

Time in Honduras this month was a re-charge and I thank the Lord for this past 14 days ministry trip.

July has a big ministry trip planned, so this month (June) Deb and I are spending time catching up, but also with Kathryn (freshly home from university). We also celebrate 31 years of loving each others a marrieds!

Near the end of summer, I am hoping to accompany a new in-country missionary to the Mosquito Coast of eastern-most Honduras in September, for which I am processing hopeful-details to be there in the eastern sector of Honduras

 —— > Silly, but a thrill:      "Patrick: Tortillas at night!”

Love you!

Patrick + Debbie 


Patrick and Debbie O’Connor, Training and mentoring for Church Planting   

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