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Safely home from Honduras trip (Nov 30 to Dec 12, 2017) Posted about ago

                                 -- Safely home from Honduras trip (Nov 30 to Dec 12, 2017) --


This was my first visit to Honduras since our move from Honduras to Seattle in 2009. It was sweet, but on the very day of arrival many Honduran cities were terrorized with civil unrest for political reasons.


* On this trip I had an extended time in San Pedro Sula, with ARNOLD LINARES.  Deb and I had lived in this city in 1996 and so it was a chance to be with new and existing Conservative Baptist churches and to have time with their leaders. I was amazed with the Lord’s grace there. I trained a little, but mostly had interaction with leaders in San Pedro trying to inspire them for more ‘love and good deeds’ in that dangerous city. Details were also put forth to bring a small team of men to help build ARNOLD a home. Would you like to join us for that nine day project in 2018?


* I had three days in the Gracias, Lempira region of the western mountains with VICTOR ALMENDAREZ to lead training for 32 pastors and leaders. It was really sweet to see that God’s movement of new churches which we pioneered in 1997 has endured! We had lived near this sector for three years (1997 to 1999).


* In Copan Ruinas I had time with leaders of a small cluster of ½ dozen new churches. We had lived in that town for four years and the outreach to the Latino and Chorti Indian community has taken root. They very much want a return trip for training. For our 16 years in Honduras our time in Copan was the most difficult yet our hearts were inroads with the Chorti (and non-Chorti) communities there. We still love that region the most.


* In Siguatepeque, where we had ministered six years, I noticed only minimal effect from ministry in that area. But that OK!   ---> One new church, but firm and secure.   Honestly, our hearts had always been in the western rural mountains a bit more than in central Honduras :- ).


Thus ends 2017! It has been a full year, but a very good year. We have pushed ourselves, but we entrust all that we do for the Lord’s purposes.


——> Take a Look:   "Patrick = Estanzuela Chorti Indian Village (of Copan Ruinas)...God at work during our absence. 12-9-2017" - - - >

Love to you!

Patrick and Debbie


Patrick O’Connor, D.Miss

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