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Safely home from Peru, Bolivia, Honduras and Costa Rica (Feb 26 to April 12, 2017). APRIL 18, ’17. Posted about ago

Safely home a few days ago from Latin America!

A highlight from 30 days in Peru was being asked to climb down into a very deep water cistern to baptize seven believers in the Lord!  I had just taught on obedience to the Lord. Seven stepped forward to say that they want to express their obedience, through immediate baptism. 

Deb had time in Honduras (8 days) and Bolivia (5 days), and so as an on-going follow-up for Honduras she has invited certain Honduran ladies to join her in Peru this October.  We ALWAYS challenge everyone to depart their home area for new ‘Judeas’.

While in Costa Rica, I (Patrick) had good interaction with leaders from Panama (and elsewhere), and plan for follow-up in Panama down the road.    Take a look at: “Patrick from San José Costa Rica - - 2017 April 4. 30 second video. Training for Multiplication”….

Thank you for being a part of our lives and thank you for praying with us as we ‘go therefore’ to make disciples.

Next month we hope for are to be in south Asia.  Please pray with us for HIs ministry purposes, on earth as it is in Heaven.

Love you!

Patrick (and Debbie)

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PS — I was at a Starbucks today near Deb;’s dad’s home and I hit it off with a chap from Sri Lanka, who kept telling me he was lost and looking for God. I shared the “Three Circles Evangelism” drawing. I also shared my heart and all my Indian-isms (three years in Bihar, as a boy).    He grew up a Catholic, but now learns of Jesus as only Savior.  He prayed with me to confess Jesus as Lord/Savior and so I have follow up with him mañana at 10 am in Surrey, BC. His name is Charles.

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