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2016 March 30 -- from Arequipa, Peru Posted about ago

2016 March 30 -- from Arequipa, Peru

A two month trip is really not too long from the perspective of once having lived for many years in Honduras, and from the perspective of the Lord's 33 year 'trip' to planet earth.  Yet, mañana we take off for our last of four countries (in the Caribbean) for ministry during this 54 day trip. We get back to the north side of Seattle April 9th.

A highlight: In Trujillo (off the north coast of Peru) we challenged in-city leaders for many new churches. Our key host (an ACTION national missionary) is now emending his three+ year plan so that he focuses his ministry only on OUTSIDE the four walls of his church (delegating the ministry of his church to others). He wrote someone saying that "Patrick was like the light of God" for a new design, vision and hope of many many houses of peace throughout his city. It is subtle, but a "rudder adjustment". I spoke to him softly in Spanish saying "ask and plan for five new "houses of peace" (which birth into new churches) this year (July to Nov);    nine new houses of peaces (new churches) next year March to Nov, 2016;    nine more new churches in 2017.    2018: "rinse/ repeat, with each new church multiplying".   He dropped his mouth and heart.  

Please pray for us for this area and other areas here in Peru, but also in Latin America -- where we have been asked to train and mentor for new churches :- ).  Our energies are not expended, yet we 'mesh the throttle down' of our lives for these purposes.

Love to you!

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