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Off to the home office in Plano, Texas Posted about ago

One of the reasons we like e3 Partners is that the team of roughly 500+   e3 staff & missionaries 'lean forward' in to the wind of life for Kingdom expansion. Though expansion depends on the King, the Lord allows you and I to position our 'talents' for His purposes.

It is heartening that though Debbie and I are trainers with and for e3 Partners (focus Latin America and beyond) their home office nonetheless is having Debbie and I and others comes to Plano this week for training.

This will be our 6th trip to the 'mother ship' (they have office in San Diego, Birmingham, AL & Franklin, TN).  Please pray with us as we interact with others in Plano, Texas.

Patrick O'Connor (E3 Partners)
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Patrick O'Connor (E3 Partners)

by Patrick O'Connor 100 Lives Impacted

Hello!  I (Patrick) came to Jesus in Houston in 1982. During the same month in Vancouver, BC, the Lord called and sent Debbie as a single missionar...

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