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Home from Los Mochis Mexico... off to Long Beach, CA Posted about ago

The Lord remains good, yet this old guy (at 54!) is a bit pooped right now.

Time in Mexico was essentially perfect, as roughly 50 in-country leaders were prepared, trained, inspired for their harvest in Mexico. 

Debbie (not Patrick :- ) has been asked to provided training in Long Beach CA for these next few days so, happily, I accompany Debbie to carry her luggage, drive the rental, eat her food and take a bit of a catch up rest for me. 

And!  We are taking the last two days off (after the weekend) to cool our jets a bit near Laguna Beach, which for me at least will be very needed.

Bless you for loving us, but also for preparing and inspiring us!

Patrick and Debbie                (2015 May 12)

Patrick + Shalyn O'Connor (E3 Partners)
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Patrick + Shalyn O'Connor (E3 Partners)

by Patrick and Shalyn O'Connor 100 Lives Impacted

Hello!   I (Patrick) came to know Jesus the Christ as Lord and Savior at the University of Houston in 1982. Shalyn was raised in a Christian home, ...

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