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OK..we admit it! Posted about ago

We are lining up training for the rest of the year and into 2016.  Minutes ago I have purchase tickets for India / Nepal training (Nov 18 to Dec 8).  This will follow training in Mexico (Sept 26 to Oct 11) and Ecuador (Oct 11 to Nov 3).  Yes!  We 'push the envelope'...yet we do so so extend ourselves and to train others.  Additional training venues this year closer to home!  Bless you!  
Patrick & Debbie O'Connor (E3 Partners)
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Patrick & Debbie O'Connor (E3 Partners)

by Patrick O'Connor 100 Lives Impacted

Hello!  The Lord is fantastic,  and so as we think back over these years we rejoice!With a crisp and loud  cry of the heart I (Patrick) came to Jes...

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