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Operation End the Boredom

Operation End the Boredom

Atlanta, Georgia, United States
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We all remember that feeling. School's out for summer and there's two months of pure freedom ahead. No homework. No classes. No waking up early. 

Then the first week of summer passes, and reality sets in - you become bored. The same television shows you used to love were now getting old, and making your own lunch wasn't as fun as it appeared. So, your new summer objective is to find something "unboring" to do. You walk outside and find a cool bird. The bird flies away and you, of course, decide to follow it. You follow it all the way to the neighborhood down the street. Then you stop, and you realize you're standing beside that well-known rope swing. Every kid at school was talking about how high it could take you. You climb on the swing, of course, and begin pumping yourself higher and higher. You reach your height limit within three minutes and decide to jump off, unexpectedly landing in the neighbor's tree. Safe landing, but scary, nonetheless. You call for help, but nobody hears you. Hours pass, maybe an entire day, and you finally spot a helicopter flying overhead. You flag them down and they graciously drop a rope to pull you up. As you climb in the helicopter, you realize that these are not the nice kind of helicopter pilots. They decide to take you to the Canadian border, where you meet a guy named Freddie. Freddie seems nice at first, with a big smile, a big beard, and a big belly. He seems nice until he makes you dress up like a bear, placing you at the Canadian border to scare off any Americans trying to flee into Canada. The rest of your summer was probably spent standing just outside of Ambrose, North Dakota, scaring away Americans. And that's usually how it all works, right? Boredom is a dangerous thing. 

This summer, help our Grove Park kids avoid this treacherous boredom. We all know that boredom can lead to all kinds of "unboring" things, namely, dressing up like a bear at the Canadian border. 

Restoration Nation, let's send 50 kids to summer camp. It will cost $200 per kid to provide an entire summer of fun activities. We believe it's worth it. Do you?

Sponsor a Grove Park kid today! 

With much appreciation,

The Restore Life Team (and all the kids avoiding the bear costume)

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Restore Life 0
Atlanta, GA, US
To see all sectors of Grove Park flourish through the dignified empowerment of its lead...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Restore Life
Atlanta, GA, US

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Atlanta, Georgia, United States

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Funded - June 14, 2017
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Operation End the Boredom

by Restore Life 50 Lives Impacted Atlanta, Georgia, United States

We all remember that feeling. School's out for summer and there's two months of pure freedom ahead. No homework. No classes. No waking up early. Th...

$10,425 One-time Donations
  • $10,000 One-time Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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