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Our Adoption Story

The moment that it became clear to me that I wanted to be “A’s” mom was when I saw his photo. I read his ID# out loud and began to cry. I thought, “He is not a number, he is a son, my son.”

Our story began about one year ago. My husband and I have dear friends who had been just at the completion of their adoption of “A’s” close friend. “A” was a part of an international hosting program where children are matched with families in the United States to spend the summer together in a loving home. “A” had not yet been chosen and time was running out for him, with only one week left of matching before he would be removed from the hosting list. Our friends knew “A;” they knew that he needed to be with a family for the summer, so they asked us to consider hosting him. We only had a few days to decide, but we said, “yes!”

During our time with “A” in the summer of 2016 there were many moments that were remarkable. One stands out to us as a time where he was becoming a part of our family. It was during a trip to a wedding. It was quite a distance away so we had to stay in a hotel. We all bonded so well on this trip; it was becoming clear that our relationship with “A” could be more than just a summer visit. It wasn’t one thing that happened, in particular… we just laughed, talked, lived, danced, and loved; we couldn’t imagine our lives without “A.”

I was certain that I wanted to adopt “A” at the end of the summer. My husband was seriously considering adoption at the end of this first hosting. We talked and prayed and we decided to request a second hosting for a few reasons. One was that my husband’s vacation time is during the winter and because he works full time in boy’s summer camping ministry he didn’t have nearly the same amount of quality time with “A” that I had enjoyed. He wanted to spend more time with “A” and we both wanted to let “A” experience life with us without all the camping activities taking place. We wanted him to see what regular life was like with our family. We wanted “A” to be sure that we were the right family for him.

After the second hosting, my husband also realized that, yes, this boy is my son, “our son.” It happened more slowly than it had for me. He had always loved “A” like I did, but adoption is a huge decision and it weighed heavily on Paul’s heart. Paul will never forget the moment that God spoke peace to his heart about pursuing “A’s adoption. We were taking a walk in the woods and during a conversation that we had together, Paul’s heart was emptied of his fear. I will never forget looking into my husband’s eyes and seeing that we were about to have another child. So much joy!

We are so excited to be pursuing “A’s” adoption. We are really looking forward to the moment when we can hold him in our arms, and to the first night when he sleeps safely in his bed, at home.

We want to invite you to be a part of this journey. This journey is really “A’s” story. The story of a boy from Eastern Europe, once orphaned, becoming a loved and forever member of our family and our community.

Thank you for your support and love!

Paul and Renee Olsen...and kids too!

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Olsen Family Adoption

by Renee Amelio-Olsen 1 Lives Impacted

Our Adoption StoryThe moment that it became clear to me that I wanted to be “A’s” mom was when I saw his photo. I read his ID# out loud and began t...

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  • $21,185 One-time Goal
  • $18,825 Still Needed
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