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Marcia Light 0
Marcia Light
Washburn, MO
Todd Kitchen 0
Todd Kitchen
Fayetteville, AR
David and Theresa Roth 0
David and Theresa Roth
Fayetteville, AR
Stacey Curzon 0
Stacey Curzon
Rogers, AR, United States
Tina Winham 0
Tina Winham
Rogers, AR
Judy Griffin 0
Judy Griffin
Brandi Holt 0
Brandi Holt
Huntsville, AR
Ricky Tompkins 0
Ricky Tompkins
Rogers, AR
Jessica Massey 0
Jessica Massey
Rogers, AR
Michelle Wolfe 0
Michelle Wolfe
Bentonville, AR
Sarah Heimer 0
Sarah Heimer
Fayetteville, AR, United States
Jesse Lane 0
Jesse Lane
Cave Springs, AR
new creature 0
new creature
Rogers, AR
Tim Summers 0
Tim Summers
Bentonville, AR
Jeanette L. Anderson 0
Jeanette L. Anderson
Bella Vista, AR

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  • new creature
  • Michelle Wolfe
  • Jessica Massey
  • Ricky Tompkins
  • Judy Griffin
  • Tina Winham
  • Todd Kitchen
  • Terra Pullmann
  • Marcia Light

Field Partner

Inseitz Group Women’s Empowerment Foundation 0
Rogers, AR, US
To create a culture where women can become competent, confident, and connected to embra...
All donations go directly to Inseitz Group Women’s Empowerment Foundation as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Fundraiser Organizer

Becky Paneitz
Bentonville, AR

Region Map

Rogers, Arkansas, United States

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33 Days to go
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NWA Gives: Women's Empowerment Center

by Becky Paneitz 12 Lives Impacted Rogers, Arkansas, United States

To create a culture where women can become competent, confident, and connected to embrace and excel through life?s transitions. What does that mea...

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