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About STEPS Family Resource Center

The mission of STEPS Family Resource Center is to promote healthy lifestyles and strengthen families in our community by offering services relating to Safety, Training, Education and Prevention that provide Solutions. STEPS primarily serves families in crisis who are most often referred by either the family court system or the Arkansas DHS Division of Children and Family Services (AR DCFS). The following services are provided by STEPS to assist families and children in need: mental health counseling; supervised visitation - monitoring visits between children and their non-custodial family member(s), AND facilitating visitation rooms for AR DCFS visits for children in foster care and their biological parents; safe exchange (exchanging children between separated parents for unsupervised visits); parenting classes; co-parenting classes; anger management classes; life skills classes; case management, DCFS case plan completion assistance, mentoring and resource referrals, in collaboration with the Restore Hope 100 Families Initiative; and clothing vouchers from our nearby thrift store, The Purple Patch.  The STEPS team is comprised of dedicated staff and volunteers that have a passion for helping families and keeping children safe.  Currently, STEPS employs three full-time staff and two part-time staff, and appreciates the dedicated generosity of six volunteers and two interns.

Most services at STEPS are provided free of charge or on an income-based, sliding-scale fee schedule.  Parenting classes are always free to participants with open DCFS cases.  With the exception of counseling services, all of STEPS other services and classes where fees are incurred can be paid for by volunteering at our thrift store.  To continue to offer these programs, STEPS relies heavily on the generous support of our River Valley community. STEPS does not receive funding or reimbursement for operating expenses from DHS for the use of our visitation rooms, nor does STEPS currently receive federal grant funding.  Thankfully, there are caring and concerned businesses, organizations and community members that have joined STEPS in our mission to strengthen our community by strengthening our families.  Whether it is volunteered time, donated items or monetary gifts, STEPS appreciates any and all forms of support!  Please join us in our mission, so we can continue to assist families in growing stronger, build a better life, and improve the River Valley for us all!
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