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In 2019, Souls Harbor celebrated 30 years of serving homeless men in recovery.  Last year, we:

● Served 51 men in our Residential Program and by extension their families, increasing our graduation rate by 3% to 36%

● Opened and Staffed our New Substance Abuse Treatment Clinic allowing us to expand services for our residential clients and accept non-residential clients

● Partnered with Returning Home and Oasis of NWA to offer group and individual counseling services to their clients through our new Clinic

● Leveraged Community Development Block Grant funds to remodel our upstairs dormitory building this enables us to house 10 additional clients in 2020

With this growth, we need to hire another full-time Case Manager in 2020 for our Residential Program. The Case Manager will guide these men through their program requirements and support them and their families in this new walk and lease on life.  

Souls Harbor is the ONLY transitional program for men in NWA, taking men in need from the streets and providing them with more than a place to stay.  We help them get back on their feet by providing them with things like clothing, therapy and life skills, and by helping them find employment and insurance so that they can become productive community members again.  

With this foundation of faith, love and guidance we can help make life long, generational changes for these men and their loved ones and ultimately strengthen the communities in which we all live.

We need your help as we plan our 2020 events. The 7th Annual gala, and Soul Ride, are our main sources of revenue for the year!  Please consider sponsoring one of these events. Less than 8% of revenue is spent on venues and event cost. That means over 90% of funds raised directly serves the mission. Please help us to make this a successful year. We look forward to partnering with you!

 Souls Harbor NWA is a 501c3 nonprofit.  Donations can be made via check, cash, or with credit card online at soulsharbornwa.org.


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