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Home Is Where The Heart Is -- Pay It Forward

As the economic impacts of COVID-19 become more clear, we are seeing first-hand the importance of housing stability.  

Housing provides so many things – safety, shelter, a place to make memories with family.  It is also most family’s largest financial asset, and an opportunity to build wealth so that families have options during economic downturns.

Partners for Better Housing, a 501c3 non-profit housing developer, is focused on the new construction kick-off of the Willow Bend neighborhood, a walkable, sustainable, mixed-income neighborhood located near Fayetteville’s Walker Park.

Willow Bend will be comprised of 80 single family homes, 1/3 of which will be sold to low income buyers who qualify for our Pay It Forward program.  

Pay It Forward is an affordable homeownership program that uses down payment assistance and deed restrictions to ensure multi-generational homeownership opportunities for working families.

Donations will be used to support education and promotion of this new program in Willow Bend and to scale the program towards an NWA regional Pay It Forward fund.

Teachers, nurses, first responders, artists, service industry workers and others will be empowered to begin accumulating equity and building wealth instead of renting.

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