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NWA Gives:Loving Choices

NWA Gives:Loving Choices

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At Loving Choices, our team is here to offer real, practical support every step of the way, from the positive pregnancy test till the baby is 9 months old.  While we are dedicated to the care and support of women, our team is also here to serve the men who come through our doors. Here’s how:

We have male counselors on staff to meet with any man who accompanies a woman to Loving Choices for a pregnancy test. As always, counseling services are confidential.

Our CARE program helps women gain the skills and tools they need to be better mothers. Now, that program is expanding to include fathers! The new classes for men include topics such as communication, the father’s role, discipline, co-parenting, getting involved and more.

We are implementing the 24/7 Dad program at both our Rogers and Fayetteville location. Dad's will now be earning Daddy Bucks and shopping in our boutique. Please help us raise the necessary funds to purchase the necessary curriculum, training and boutique items geared specifically for dads. Our goal is to empower families through our Care Program. Strong families can positively affect multiple generations, resulting in stronger communities.

Recently a woman's pregnancy was confirmed with a pregnancy test at Loving Choices.  She was very abortion minded because her husband, an addict, had recently relapsed and she felt hopeless. After much counseling she decided to parent and began to attend her weekly care appointments.  After a few weeks she asked  if her husband could also attend.  He started coming and then began meeting with his own counselor.  With the help, support, education, skills and tools he received he decided to get and stay clean.  This family welcomed a baby boy just in time for Christmas.  They will continue in our CARE program through September.

Please help us serve more families, Mom, Dad and Baby.

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Rogers, AR, US
To provide outstanding counseling and limited medical services to any woman who may fin...
This Fundraiser has ended and is no longer accepting funding.

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Penny Stamile
Rogers, AR

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Funded - April 04, 2019
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NWA Gives:Loving Choices

by Penny Stamile 250 Lives Impacted United States

At Loving Choices, our team is here to offer real, practical support every step of the way, from the positive pregnancy test till the baby is 9 mon...

$4,490 One-time Donations
  • $3,000 One-time Goal
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