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CDC estimates 1 in 6 children/teens struggle with a mental, emotional or behavioral challenge. These challenges affect the ability to navigate everyday life situations making it harder to build healthy relationships, function in the home, at school, on the job, or attending some form of higher education. Many of these children/teens progress on to need residential treatment or into problems with delinquency, criminal behaviors, addiction, homelessness, and suicide. 

Forever Families Foundation helps parents and professionals by providing trauma informed intervention workshops in NWA. These 10-week workshops focus on understanding the needs of this child/teen and teaches a science-based, evidence-based form of intervention to help improve the quality of life for the struggling child/teen and their families. 

This fundraiser was created to help Forever Families reach more families in NWA by allowing us to provide workshops in more locations, offer tuition assistance for low income families to attend those workshops, and to launch a trauma-informed care, parenting podcast that will have the ability to reach more families outside of the immediate area, or who are unable to attend workshops.  

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