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The Yvonne Richardson Community Center (YRCC) has existed for 24 years, because of the generosity from others. While the Friends of YRCC donated their time and effort to advocate for youth residing within Southeast Fayetteville, AR, the Niblock family donated their land to construct the center funded by a Community Development Block Grant, staffed and maintained by the City of Fayetteville.

The center is named in memoriam of the former Arkansas Razorbacks Basketball Coach Nolan Richardson’s daughter, Yvonne Richardson, whose life was succumbed by Leukemia at the age of 15. Yvonne Richardson lives on through YRCC's mission to shape today's youth for tomorrow's challenges through positive programming (i.e. education, recreation, and social opportunities) and people who are without a doubt YRCC's most valuable resource.

YRCC seeks to level the playing field for all families from varying socioeconomic backgrounds by offering FREE amenities, quality filled programming, passionate staff, and opportunities to impact the community. Funding received will support expenditures related to offering camps, afterschool programming, holiday events, Homeschool P.E. classes, Pickleball, and food distribution.

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