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Northpoint Ministries Matching Gift!

Northpoint Ministries Matching Gift!

  • $12,435
    One-time Donations
  • $100
    Monthly Donations

About this Fundraiser

                          MAKE A GIFT...  DOUBLE THE IMPACT 

Summers are always hard for non-profits like Sixty Feet. We want, and need, to provide the same level of ministry - but donations often slow during the summer months and it's hard to do that. But thanks to a generous matching gift from our partner Northpoint Ministries, every dollar received from now until July 31st will be matched - up to $30,000.  Don't let this generous matching donation slip away. Help us turn $30,000 into $60,000! Do twice the good with one donation! In 2017 Sixty Feet provided almost 3000 medical treatments, assisted with 20 medical emergencies, enabled more than 100 kids to stay in school, provided weekly biblically-based counseling to 175 children and teenagers, reunited 100 children with their families, and led more than 200 worship services and Bible studies. Your generous gift, which will be doubled by Northpoint Ministries, will ensure we continue to set children, teenagers - and sometimes entire families - on a different trajectory for their lives. All in the name of Jesus and only through the power of the Holy Spirit. Your gift can be a one-time or monthly recurring donation. Thank you for your generous gift! 

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  • $30,000 One-time Goal
  • $2,000 Monthly Goal
  • 2,000 Lives Impacted
  • 40 Days To Go

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Sixty Feet 419
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Bring Justice to the Children. Now.
All donations go directly to Sixty Feet as per Pure Charity's Terms and Conditions
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Northpoint Ministries Matching Gift!

by Sixty Feet 2K Lives Impacted Uganda

                          MAKE A GIFT...  DOUBLE THE IMPACT  Summers are always hard for non-profits like Sixty Feet. We want, and need, to provi...

$12,435 One-time Donations
$100 Monthly Donations
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