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Netania Rieger's fundraiser for ADRA Connections - Brazil 2019

Netania Rieger's fundraiser for ADRA Connections - Brazil 2019

Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil
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Welcome to the experience of a lifetime!

We are super excited that you are interested in traveling with us to serve on the ADRA Connections (CNX) Trip to Manaus, Brasil! This is going to be an amazing experience and we will greatly improve the lives of the community where we will be working. Along the Amazon river, many poor communities live and survive off the produce of the river and land. We will spend the week working to improve the grounds and facilities of the community. Be prepared to dig in gardens, paint walls, hammer nails, and assist in all sorts of construction-related projects.

Key trip information:

Dates  The trip will take place July 13 – 21, 2019.  ADRA CNX will have staff waiting for your group on July 13 at the Manaus airport (MAO) and take you by bus to our base camp, which is an hour away.  This is where we will load the boat and make sure we have everything we need for our week on the Amazon River. If your group wants to fly in earlier, you are welcomed to do so; just let us know beforehand and make sure you're there to meet us at the airport on July 13.

Project Location & Living Conditions  The project is in a remote community located along the banks of the Amazon River. We will be staying each night in hammocks on the boat (hammocks and mosquito nets will be provided) which is operated by ADRA Brasil. We will have access to showers and bathrooms with running river water, but we will provide clean water for drinking and brushing teeth, etc. Keep in mind that we will be in the rainforest where the weather is rainy and hot, so come prepared for both. You can expect temperatures of High 85°F/ Low 70°F. Bring a few warm clothes and a rain jacket, with mostly warm weather clothes.

Group Size  We have 30 spaces for hammocks on the larger boat, and 15 on the smaller one. Depending on how many decide to come on this trip, we will have one boat or the other. If you are interested to travel with this group, reach out the CNX team (contacts below)

Cost per Person

  • STUDENTS: $600 per person.  The true cost of this trip is $1,200 which includes food, lodging, transportation, tourism, hammock, travel insurance, translators, work experts, support staff – pretty much everything you’ll need to go on this trip! NEW THIS YEAR: each student under the age of 26 who is studying at a school in the USA can apply to receive a $600 scholarship to help with the cost of the trip!!
    • Project: $600
    • Food/Lodging/Logistics: $500
    • Amazon River excursion: $100
    • Scholarship for trip costs: -$600
      • YOU PAY = $600
  • ADULTS: $1,200 per person

Airfare and Fees  You will have to coordinate your own airfare as a group. The cost of the airfare will not be sent to ADRA as you will give that directly to the airline. The cost of this trip does NOT include any visa fees, passport application fees, vaccinations, luggage fees, or transportation to/from airport in the USA. Basically, once you get to Manaus on July 13, we’ll take care of everything else.

Contacts  Work directly with your Trip Leader to discuss the group and travel details. Adam Wamack and Cassie Hales are the ADRA CNX team leaders and will be your main points of contact for any specific questions you might have (students, parents, or anyone else are welcomed to ask questions). Once you register for the trip and start fundraising, you will receive the full Trip Guide with FAQs, packing list and more details about travel and the location where we’ll be staying, so keep an eye out for that. We hope to see you there,

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ADRA Connections 0
Silver Spring, MD, US
ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change throu...
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Netania Rieger
Toledo, OH

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Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil

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Funded - July 10, 2019
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Netania Rieger's fundraiser for ADRA Connections - B...

by Netania Rieger 200 Lives Impacted Manaus, State of Amazonas, Brazil

Welcome to the experience of a lifetime! We are super excited that you are interested in traveling with us to serve on the ADRA Connections (CNX)...

$600 One-time Donations
  • $600 One-time Goal
  • $0 Still Needed
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