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Nabirye Farida

  • Country Uganda
  • Gender Female
P - 1 class at Ambassadors of Hope Nursery and Primary School in Luwero, Uganda

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At ten years of age, Faridah has created a world of promises and potential for many girls across the world. Following the death of her parents, Faridah was forced to move in with her elder sisters, who engage in commercial sex in one of Kampala slum hubs.

Due to the dangerous sexual activity in her surroundings, Faridah was greatly exposed to risky sexual behavior at a tender age.

During our outreach program, Faridah was identified and rescued from the street. With the support of our rehabilitation program, she was able to interact with fellow children and make friends with her peers.

Despite the difficulties she encountered as a child, Faridah has been able to go back to school and lives in a protected, loving environment. She is currently in Primary one and her favorite subject is Literacy.

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Providence Farm Partner
Empower a community one child at a time at Providence Farm

Field Partner

Save Street Children Uganda 0
Save Street Children Uganda
Crestwood, KY, US
SASCU exists to advocate for the rights and restore hope among children living on the s...

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Nabirye Farida

Female Uganda

P - 1 class at Ambassadors of Hope Nursery and Primary School in Luwero, Uganda

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