My-T-Kids Leadership Development through Art

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The MIGHTY KIDS Leadership Development and Workforce Prep Program is for youth ages 8-15 years old. This is a new program created by the hearts of young children within the NWA area wanting to help overcome self-doubt, fears, social anxiety, and discover the art of allowing themselves to see their value and know their worth while making an impact in their community as next generation leaders in the future workforce. We've partnered with local organizations My-T-By-Design Therapeutic Art Studio, The Air for Airiel Foundation, Six Twelve Coffeehouse & Bar, and Citizens Bank to bring this program to life. Our goal is to provide the kids with a $25 stipend after each community event. Our long term goal is to do a $50 stipend with $25 for them to use for personal necessities and $25 that goes into a savings account in partnership with Citizens Bank. The kids participate in Financial Literacy training taught by Citizens Bank and attend Workforce Prep training with Light House Solutions. One of our main events that we do is our monthly Community Paint Night. It is our unique way of tackling mental health awareness and bridging diversity and inclusion in the community. The goal is to have families come out to a fun activity where cost is not a huge factor. By sponsoring this activity, it helps to demonstrate the importance of the community lifting each other up in a meaningful way. Any support provided will be gladly appreciated. This helps to cover supplies, event expenses, and goes towards the kids savings account for the year.

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