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GREAT NEWS! We've decided to adopt a child! We're so excited to give a child an opportunity to grow up in our home and teach her the best things that we know.

We've started a fundraiser on Pure Charity to raise the funding that we need to make our adoption a success. We have a donations goal of $16,000 that will go towards the remaining cost of the adoption. It's been our dream to help give a child an opportunity like this and we hope that you will consider helping us make our dream a reality.

Every donation is important and will help make this adoption a success. Would you kindly consider making a donation? Also, we would appreciate your willingness to share this with others who may want to participate.

Thank you so much for being a part of our lives and helping accomplish something that's important to all of us!

Adoption Testimony:

Ryan and I married in May 2008 - High School sweethearts. Very quickly we begin talking about having children. We had been together for several years (8 to be exact). It was time. Ryan and I always brought up the possibility of adoption and even said before having our precious son that if we couldn't have children on our own "We know we want to adopt." In 2009, I found out I was pregnant with our first born and in March 2010 we welcomed a 7 lb. bundle of pure joy!  I was overjoyed and Ryan was so excited to have a son! Dalton Jake Mouser - You, son will forever be a life changer. From that moment when we first laid eyes on him, my heart was forever changed. EVEN through the scare of him not breathing. God - Thank you for breathing LIFE into him that day! In June of 2011, Ryan and I set out on our first Mission Trip. We were headed to Uganda Africa where we would be working with an orphanage and building an open air place for them. It was an incredible week and God showed me so much about well MYSELF. There my heart began a new beat. A beat for children in other countries. A beat for the eyes of children who needed and wanted love. A beat for children God had made and created to be like him. It was just pure joy and pure beauty. Ryan and I sat on a bus and cried as we drove off from that orphanage that day. My heart forever will be changed by those precious children. I knew at that moment that God called me to something. Something a little unnatural for most. I was to be a parent to someone who had no parent. Fast forward a couple months and I continued to receive affirmations from God on how I was feeling about this whole adoption thing. Ryan and I talked about it often. I attended a Conference where I picked up a packet about Adoption. I was so interested, so intrigued, my heart constantly pitter-pattered for those eyes of lonely children. And God continued to provide areas for us to learn about other countries. We began sponsoring a child from Compassion international and not long after a child from Holt International. I watched as these two children grew and matured into young people. God was using us and the little amount of money we sent for them to be fed, for them to have LIFE! In 2012, We welcomed another beautiful member to our family. Our precious baby girl. Addie Mouser was born in October 2012. We love her and were so over joyed about a little girl. My life never ever will be the same after having a sweet little girl to doll up and play tea with. Ryan and I started discussing if we were going to have anymore or if it was time to adopt. We never really gave each other an answer. It was just one of those things like, LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS! God continued to work on our hearts. Around December 2014, I felt that nudge from God so I asked Ryan to be praying this with me. We started praying separate and together. After about 3 months we decided that God was leading us in this direction of adoption. In March, we filled out our application and began the journey.

When you decide to take the plunge and you make a decision… satan always begins to throw fiery darts at you. Your not good enough. You will never be a good parent to an adopted child. Have you lost your mind. What will your family say. How will you afford this. BUT I REFUSE TO LET THE ENEMY TELL ME THESE LIES. I knew that God had been leading us all this time to adoption and setting up all the stepping stones to get there and mainly preparing our hearts. However, you always need those confirmations that the Lord is leading and guiding you and that its not your own selfish desires. So thats where the next chapter of our story begins…

On the Mountain Top in Honduras, I stood outside a home where my husband prayed healing over a little girl. She was sickened with some type of stomach issue and had not eaten in days. I wept. I knew God was teaching me, shaping me, molding me, and screaming at me but I couldn't figure out what He was saying. I walked out of her little 20x20 mud house and stood out over the mountain top and begged God to show me what He wanted to show me. I have explained this like this… God showing you something and feeling Him but looking through muddy eyes. I couldn't figure out what He was saying. I was hungry and desperate for a word but all I could feel was a breath of air sweep over me and my God saying trust me and be open. Fast forward a week, I sat in our youth service toward the back- I was exhausted from a long week on the mission field, but was trying to give it my all. As our worship band started to play. I just begin to seek God. It felt like a bolt of lightening hit me. GOD SAID Im asking you to be open to adopting a special needs child. WHAT? Lord what are you doing? What is this? This was not my plan. I sat down in the floor and immediately the connection to that moment on the mountain flashed before me. I told you I wanted to show you something, I just need you to be open. WOW GOD! I sat through service and after service the Lord begin to stir hearts and minds. I began praying. Lord I just want to follow your will. I want to be found obedient. I want you so desperately to bless my family and add a new member but God I'M SCARED. Mike Swank came to me while I was praying. He spoke a word over me. I will never forget he talked about a puzzle. YES, a puzzle. He told me that it may not seem like the pieces are all going to fit together but they are. You must have faith and trust him and look at the big picture. He said more but in the moment I was clinging to those words. He walked away and came right back. He said, People are not going to understand but their faith is not your faith. I wept. I had no clue what to even say at that point. I went to Ryan after service (in which I usually don't do) and told him what had happened. I think it hit him like a ton of bricks. He didn’t even have words to say which is a rare occasion. I knew God had not confirmed these things in his heart yet by how he responded. I knew I just must begin to pray. Pray God would show him the same thing. Continue to affirm things in both of our hearts.  Several days maybe even a week went by… My heart was so heavy. I cried myself to sleep several nights asking the Lord for understanding and peace and for continued confirmations. I had a Welcome Call the next day with a lady from our Adoption Agency. She walked me through some of the process and begin explaining what all would happen and to see if I had questions. She said so you are thinking Peru right? I said yes mam. I begin to explain that story to her. How God had confirmed some things to us throughout the past couple weeks. She said well I want you to know that the south american programs are all special needs. WOOOZERS. My heart skipped a few beats. I was blown away. I KNEW RIGHT THEN… We were walking exactly in what the Lord wanted for us. I have had so many confirmations. God was continuing to show me things and reveal things in me. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that MY GOD WILL PROVIDE. HE WILL REMAIN FAITHFUL. HE WILL ANSWER WHEN I CALL UPON HIM. Peace has swept over me and my family. God has this… How could we ever even doubt that. HE LEADS YOU TO IT, HE WILL LEAD YOU THROUGH IT.

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Mouser Family Adoption

by Heather Mouser 1 Lives Impacted Colombia

GREAT NEWS! We've decided to adopt a child! We're so excited to give a child an opportunity to grow up in our home and teach her the best things th...

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  • $16,000 One-time Goal
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